Tire Retreat

Set of 4 tires on the red carpet trying to check in for tire retreat with a man behind a counter - Check the Jonker Honda Tire Retreat

The right set of weather-appropriate tires can make a tremendous difference in the quality and safety of your Honda, but who has the space for stacks of rubber at home? Luckily for you, you can head over to Jonker Honda with your spare set and we’ll store them in our Tire Retreat.

What is the Jonker Tire Retreat?

The Jonker Tire Retreat is a secure and insured storage facility that will keep your tires and or rims protected throughout the year. Not only will you avoid potential damage from improperly stored tires but you’ll enjoy more space in your garage and you won’t need to lug the tires back and forth yourself. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

How Much Does Tire Storage Cost?

Tire storage through the Jonker Honda Tire Retreat is affordable for any driver for a low price of just $126.95 plus tax per season. This affordable rate ensures that your expensive performance tires stay pristine throughout the winter and your heavy winter tires are properly stored throughout the summer.


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