Vehicle Exchange Program


Jonker Honda’s Vehicle Exchange Program is a vehicle replacement program allowing you to upgrade to a safer, more reliable vehicle while keeping the same or lower monthly payment.

Record-breaking sales months have depleted the supply of Jonker Honda’s used car inventory. As we begin to replenish our low supply, Jonker Honda needs vehicle like yours. With our Vehicle Exchange Program, Jonker Honda will buy your existing vehicle for above market value.


What are the benefits of our Vehicle Exchange Program?

The Vehicle Exchange Program is just like purchasing a new vehicle, only at the same or lower monthly payment and without the hassle.

Benefits include:

  • Above market value for your vehicle
  • Low monthly payments
  • Better Financing terms
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties
  • Lower fuel costs and increased fuel mileage
  • Reduced cost of driving
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased safety and security technology
  • Brand new comfort and entertainment features