I wanted to buy a mid size car. I had three cars in mind Honda Accord Sports, Nissan Altima SL and Toyota Camry XSE. I read about all these cars and visited all dealers. I found Eric Solis the most knowledgeable and had all vehicle info correct. ( I already did my research before coming down). He took time to show us the features of the vehicle and allowed us time to make decision to test drive the car. There was no high pressure sales tactic to sell us the car on the spot. As we liked the the Accord better than the other two cars, we made appointment with Eric for a test drive a week later. We were allowed an hour to take the car on our own for the test drive with the family. We returned after and hour. We very quickly reached a deal and received our new car after a week and half as promised. I will recommend anyone who wants to buy a Honda to talk to Eric first. We are now a proud owner of a Honda Accord Sports. -Martin