I am relieved to have found my white 2012 Honda Civic which was purchased on March 21, 2015. This is exactly the same type of car that I had wanted originally and found it with no difficulty at all. They have a vast variety of cars in excellent condition available here. When describing my experience at Jonker Honda in Langley, initially the customer service was a bit average since the first sales representative became flustered and kept trying to “pawn”us off to other sales representatives. At the same time, he provided us with the wrong profile on the car and made the same statement twice saying ” I’m sorry I’m with other customers”. Fortunately, we ended up with an extremely genuine and knowledgeable sales representative who gave us the right information on our car of choice and appreciated our business. This made my experience positive since this representative was personable, answered all our questions, had a great amount of patience, and knew his stuff! Taking that essential step in being “personable” is what made me buy the car. I also appreciated the accessibility of the finance office and insurance that was easy to set up. Extremely friendly staff in those departments that actually made me feel special for buying a car at Jonker Honda. I would definitely buy another car here as well as recommend it to other people looking to buy a car. -Demosten2015