I have leased or purchased at least 10 cars over the past twenty years and have not ever experienced such easy, transparent and helpful staff. I came and met with Erik Jonker (Sales Manager) and told him that I am looking for a Honda Odyssey. He walked through different models and options and went over the pricing. Very honestly showed me his cost and margin. Surprisingly brand new cars have razor thin margins. He walked me through the lease and finance options and even advised me which options to get and not to get. Then told me that he will let me know when is finds the color and options I am looking for. I left sort of surprised thinking why would he not want to take a deposit or something how to quickly lose weight. I checked two other dealerships and they were not able to match Jonker’s price. About a week later I got a call from Jonker’s finance office that my car is ready for pick up. I showed up signed off the paper work and drove away. Shawn did an excellent job walking me through the options of the car. Again the whole process was a joy. I can’t wait to get another car from these guys. They are really EXCELLENT. Thanks Jonker team!