I have had a lot of experience with many brands and dealerships, and I have found Jonker Honda above average. I purchased two vehicles there and the sales experience was straight forward - sales guy Byron was easy to deal with and straight-up. Now, three years later, I have had a chance to use and observe the service department several times.First, it is a very modern facility with all the latest high-tech preferred equipment such as Hunter road force wheel balancing and an impressive automated alignment checking machine, The shop is bright, clean and organized. I noticed while waiting for my vehicle that they checked and adjusted the tire pressure, even though they were just doing an oil change. Most customers would not be aware that they even did it, but I know that it was a valuable service they were providing - many people do not pay attention to their tire inflation.

A real test of the service department came when the vehicle was having a minor oil leak repaired under warrantee that required significant engine disassembly. Unfortunately, an error by the otherwise competent tech resulted in engine damage and the vehicle out of service for a week, The service manager, Katrina, did everything possible to mitigate the event. Jonker Honda of course repaired the damage and provided a rental car, but went further. They detailed the vehicle, gave me credit for the next "B" service ($350 + tax), issued a dealership lifetime warrantee on the engine, and other valuable options. It would have been better if it never happened, but Jonker bent over backwards to make it right.

I appreciated that. Mr. Jonker, don't lose Katrina - she is a rare find in the business... and keep up the good work.